Being a Canadian based supplier of investment castings means we are counted on to provide cost effective, yet purpose designed and built metal component solutions to our North American natural resources based industries, including mining and exploration. Our clients in this wide ranging field require strong metals, unique case hardening heat treatments, and high levels of precision in the components used in their products. Our investment castings, and years of expertise in metal alloy selection and heat treat, provide our clients with cast components with high detail, close tolerances, and repeatability part after part, for a trustworthy part that helps to build dependable machinery that is subject to some of the harshest conditions that our climate can offer.

Examples of Products Produced:

  • Downhole and drilling tools
  • Latches and levers
  • Drilling bits and accessories
  • Bushings
  • Grates
  • Wear parts
  • Burner Nozzles

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