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We are your dependable single source for any investment cast solution you require, with the expertise to bring that solution to you fast and cost effectively. From simple prototypes, to large volumes of the most challenging investment castings, we bring our clients a full range of investment casting capabilities to suit any requirement.

Alloys Poured

With over 200 different alloys and base metals poured at Niagara Investment Castings, we can offer you virtually every commonly used engineering metal to meet the mechanical and corrosion resistance requirements of your component.  Let us help you to choose the correct metal for your unique challenges.  We are your metallurgical experts.

Investment Casting Process

Thank you for your interest in the Investment Casting Process.  We sincerely hope we can help you to better understand this innovative manufacturing process, and how it can benefit you.  Please choose one of our options to help learn the process, or contact us for a phone call, online meeting, or in-person meeting to learn more.


From Concept to Completion, Niagara Investment Castings works hard to deliver uncomprimising Customer Service and Dependable Quality to our clients looking to benefit from using investment castings to produce their metal components.  We have been manufacturing investment castings since 1987 for our diverse customer base around the world.  Let us show you WHY you too should PARTNER with Niagara Investment Castings. 

Examples of Our MARKETS

Pump and Valve

Mining and Exploration

Pulp and Paper


Energy, Nuclear, Wind Power, Oil, and Gas


Machine Shops and Machine Builders

Plastics Processing and Machinery

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Why “On Shore” Source from Canada

Why “On Shore” Source from Canada

There is a wonderful trend occurring in North America, and there is even an official name for it … “ON SHORING”.    On shoring refers to the return of North American manufacturers procuring their outsourced components from other North American manufacturers, rather...

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Are Investment Castings Right For Me?

Are Investment Castings Right For Me?

I think investment casting might be right for me, now what?  Helping you to decide whether or not a particular component is a good candidate to be investment cast is what we specialize in.  All you need to do is send us a drawing, a 3D CAD...

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Conversions From Other Processes

Conversions From Other Processes

The investment casting process offers many advantages over other manufacturing methods, as the inherent characteristics of precision, superior surface finish, unlimited geometric details inside and out, and the ability to cast most metals, renders the process superior...

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