Environmental Health and Safety

Niagara Investment Castings, as an employer, has the obligation to ensure that we meet or exceed all Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) legislated and corporate requirements.  It is the policy of Niagara Investment Castings to meet its obligations by taking every precaution reasonable to achieve compliance of all legislated and corporate regulations for the protection of its workers and the environment.

Niagara Investment Castings is firmly committed to managing its activities so as to provide the highest level of protection to the environment and to safeguard the EHS of its employees, customers, and the community.

Niagara Investment Castings will strive to ensure:

  • We meet or exceed all applicable EHS legislated and corporate requirements
  • Our operations include the highest standards for EHS performance
  • We maintain a safe, healthy, and environmentally sound operation
  • Continual improvement of our Environmental, Health, and Safety program

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